Due to the variations that occur within each project request the best way to determine a price for a commission is to email me directly with a description of what you are seeking. Some examples: what subject matter are you interested in? What size canvas? What color scheme? What mood/ feeling do you want it to invoke? A discussion of price and timeline will evolve from there. 







Mural pricing is based upon the cost of materials and time spent for both design and application. For a basic 5' x 5' mural you can expect to spend (on average) $100, a price that goes up or down based upon the complexity of the design. 



Hourly rate for private sessions/ parties/ festivals: $100

(+ travel fees)



The pricing of bodypaint projects ranges anywhere between $100 and $1000+, depending upon the complexity of the design, materials used, and amount of time needed for application and travel (if necessary).


You can contact me here for project requests and inquiries, and once I receive your project description you'll receive a personalized quote. From there a session will be scheduled. 


A 50% deposit will be due upon scheduling your session and is payable by cash, check, or Paypal. The balance is due upon completion.



Hand-painted apparel (dress/ leotard/ jacket/ etc.): 100+

Hand-painted shoes: $50-$100

Hand-painted Isis wings: $200-$400

Headdresses: $100+



On average my rate is $50/ hour ; lessons can be conducted in downtown Raleigh or I will travel to you for a small fee. 

Learn more about art lessons here.