I create art to heal and inspire hope about what’s on the other side of this known physical realm.

My visions are driven by lessons I’ve received on quests for self-evolution, as well as symbolic and synchromystical moments that have heightened my belief in the existence of spiritual forces greater than myself. 

Ideas for compositions often emerge through a conduit state in which conscious decision-making is surrendered and I let intuition, imagination, and the unconscious guide my choices. Visions that are brought to full development through drawing or painting are the ones that occur most repetitively and/ or carry a powerful resonance.

I am influenced by the work of visionary artists as well as my interest in the topics of metaphysics, music, elements and laws of nature, astronomy, sacred geometry, psychedelics, the emotional spectrum, parapsychology, human consciousness, evolution, and transcendentalism.

Light is emphasized the most throughout my work to honor starlight, the ancient astral energy that is part of all creation and which through its inherent beauty, warmth, and constant presence can invoke comfort. Light is my beacon when confronting the mystery of where we came from/ where we’re going, and is the metaphor I rely upon most to keep me moving through the hard chapters of my story. 

Through my work I hope to steer viewers’ minds and hearts towards a consideration of the real but invisible sides of life and to provide glimpses of an ineffable divine power I believe is behind both the design of the natural world as well as that of human existence.

Thank you for viewing my work <3

"The sweetest thing in all my life has been the find the place where all the beauty came from." 

C. S. Lewis


Molly grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as the middle child in a family supportive of the arts. Throughout her youth she performed in theatrical productions, sung in choirs, played multiple instruments, and, in high school, honed talents she demonstrated for visual art and long-distance running.


She attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania on scholarships for both academics and athletics, and gravitated towards becoming a teacher out of a desire to coach running. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in Art Education and embarked on a career as a middle and high school art teacher for the next 7 years.


Ultimately a variety of stressors drove Molly to leave her full-time teaching career and start pursuing the path of an independent visual artist in 2014. She still loves to teach part-time.


2014 was the first public display of Molly’s work and since then she has exhibited in galleries, shows, and festivals around North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Florida. In 2015 she won top prize at an Ultimate Painting Competition, a live speed-painting competition held in Greensboro, NC. Around that time she also discovered a love for the art of body-painting, and has competed three times against international artists in the Living Art North American Body-Painting Championships, finishing 4th in the Emerging Artist category in 2017.


Molly primarily works on painting commissions from her home-studio and is currently based in Raleigh, NC. She adores the community of creative souls she has found in the south and when not working on projects, enjoys spending time with her family and cats and going out for long distance runs. 



"Seer" acrylic 18" x 24"


"Flow State"

acrylic, jewels, LED lights

12" x 36"



acrylic 36" x 36"